I read somewhere that the god Thoth invented writing, and in putting a name to things, in reducing reality to abstract shapes, he somehow diminished the world. And we live with the consequences of that.

I dunno, I love the written word, which is full of splendour and love and life and almost everything I need, but then there are things like spreadsheets, which are at best sort of useful, but very often reductive and tyrannical, and used by the graspers and the controllers to head people off their path, and turn the human imagination into random numbers.

Anyhow, I’m getting off topic, because, I guess, someone, I don’t know if it was Thoth, or some ancient traveller chatting at an evening fireside, but someone,somewhere invented maps. Maybe lots of people did. And maps, too, reduce the magic of the world to arbitrary shapes, but I love them. I love maps. I think notebooks are full of potential, the potential of my mind, but maps are full of the potential of the entire world.

And sometimes I look at the visitor map on statcounter and see where visitors to this site come from, people who mabe visit the site, read the about page or read a story or two, and I’m filled with the joy of some unnameable connection.

Then I look up and I’m still here, and you’re still there, and I think, hello you.