I stopped playing in bands in the summer and now I only busk, which is great fun and pays better than playing in a six-piece ever could, but I find myself committed to two concerts on Saturday.

Firstly, the United Reform Church hall where I practice is having some sort of Saturday carol service and I offered to accompany them. Don’t know what I’m going to do – I play by ear so the thought of learning a dozen carols in all twelve keys is unappealing (though it’d be really good practice, I don’t have the time) – so I’ll turn up and work things out as we go. If I’m asked to lead off, fine, if there’s a keyboard player, great, I’ll ask them the key and work it out, ditto guitar or whatever.

Saturday evening Tommy Ginshop asked me to play with his band, they play some sort of death-metal ska music and I agreed. They needed a support act too so I offered the Jazz Pistols and they said yes. However, the Jazz Pistols can’t all make it so it’s just me and Pistol Pete. Again, dunno what we’ll do, got some ideas, Hard Work by John Handy and the Sanborn version of Comin’ Home Baby, and I’ll try and insert some carols into the tunes. Plus Pete has a delay pedal he’s itching to use, so I’ll do whatever he comes up with. I get on really well with Pete musically, he’s a guitarist but we work together almost as a brass section. I’m looking forward to that, thogh it has much potential to go sideways.

In fact, the entire day has much potential to go sideways. I need to put on my listening head, and I need to be the sax player, and in the words of the sainted Johnny Marr, I need to ‘give it some welly.’