Since I injured my leg back in August my activities have been curtailed, only recently have I been able to walk up to a mile, and that’s with some pain and discomfort. But it’s improving, and will get better quicker, the more I walk, which I will. Soon I’ll be traipsing the hills and coastlines of the north again.

I haven’t played live or busked since November, cos standing still for an hour or two has been painful.

However, The Count came round tonight and told me we had a gig next month and some live appearances before then, starting Friday. It sort of shook me out of my musical slumber and my immediate reaction was to be really happy at the thought of going back into action with my sax in my hands. Looks like we’ll be playing twice a week for at least the next month or so, and I’m even playing the GNR in September too, which I haven’t done since 2016.

All good.


NB: for those of you into saxophones – I play an old Yamaha 23 alto, that I’ve named Miyagi. I use an SR Tech Europa mouthpiece, tweaked by Morgan Fry, and a Rovner dark ligature, with Rigotti Gold reeds, number 3 for tenor. It’s a sort of mishmash of everything I’ve ever liked and that has ever worked for me on saxophone. Alto is my least favourite of the three saxes I’ve played, but it works best and I can rip out the sound like nothing else. And as Stephen Stills sang, “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”