Jamie sent me a link to this, which is a lovely tune with an excellent video, but I was struck by the style of singing from Yukimi Nagano, sort of little-girl, warbly, back-of-the-throat, which has become the singing style (though, to be fair, this track is 11 years old).

First time I ever heard that sort of singing was on Tricky’s version of Black Steel, featuring the brilliant Martina Topley-Bird. It wasn’t a style back then, but it has become one since.

Around the same time, Jeff Beck was featuring Imogen Heap on this track, singing in a much older, ballsier, bluesy style that I guess comes, sort-of, from singers like Janis Joplin. Maybe not as raucous as JJ, but definitely from the same lineage.

I dunno which I prefer, but I am reminded of this style of singing, which at one time was also the preferred style of singing. And almost, like the style at the very top of this entry.


I dunno, I like it all.