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Thriller Novels


Mark Barrett is owner and sole employee of NQA Courier Services. Delivering packages across Europe, he works in that grey area “somewhere between almost and legal.”

After a date with a beautiful woman goes badly wrong he ends up in the police cells. The following morning his bail is paid by disgraced EU Commissioner Jack Maundy, who offers him a job: to hand-deliver three packages to three people in three European cities in five days. The packages are Maundy’s insurance policy, in advance of his going to trial on charges of embezzling 81 billion Euros.

An easy job, Maundy tells Mark, but one that needs doing quickly and Barrett, a disgraced former Army Helicopter pilot, has the necessary skills and experience to get the job done properly.

What could go wrong?


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.50 Cal

After a society dinner party, a chance encounter sets Mark Barrett thinking about the past. Specifically, about the events that led to him being dishonourably discharged from the Army after a three-day firefight in a remote valley in northern Afghanistan.

Perhaps, five years after the event, Mark can finally make sense of what happened.



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Riley Spender is madame to the glitterati – she counts princes, politicians and pontiffs amongst her close friends, her diary is packed with parties for the rich and famous and her little black book is the size of a medieval ledge.

And now she wants out.

She contacts her old schoolfriend and first love, Mark Barrett, and together they hatch an escape plan. But emotional scars are precious, and will Mark survive this encounter with the girl who broke his heart?










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Gun Jesus

Due for publication Summer 2022.

Some said he was a Georgian, others that he was Jewish, or Arab. They said he’d served in Seal Team Six, he was Spetsnaz, he was former IDF, ex SBS, that he was a radical green activist, a former Jihadi gone global, a lone wolf, ex CIA.

No one knew for sure.

Whatever he was, they said, it was all bad, and everyone wanted him dead.

But Mark Barrett knew who he was and what he really looked like, and he wasn’t telling. Because he gave his word. Gave his word to a solitary man in an almost empty airport – a man he trusted; a man who, after one brief meeting, he actually liked. This was the man the slavers called Dracul; the man the sheiks believed was the ghost of Hassan al Sabbah returned to strike down the wicked; the man the Cartels called Gun Jesus.

And while Mark didn’t think the man was a dragon, or the reincarnation of the first assassin, or the son of God, he recognised a saint when he saw one.




London Rain

RAIN is a clandestine ‘asymmetric investigation’ team led by Dr. Madeline Perfect, tasked with taking down otherwise untouchable criminals and doing the dirty jobs that the legitimate government departments leave well alone.

Julien Trent, free-climber, and former paratrooper with the Légion Étrangère, finds himself working for the government again when the new Home Secretary green-lights the reformation of the RAIN unit.

But Julien has his own life, his own plans, and his own desires, and he increasingly comes to understand that his role is more akin to a well-trained service dog than a spy. Scattered with moments of tender reflection and of shocking violence, London RAIN is a story of intrigue, crime and, crucially, trust.



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Nine years after the horrific and violent events in Grendel, Babe Walker reunites with April Speed. Why has he returned? Who has he come to kill? And after all this time, what is it that still binds them so closely together?

Spare, contemplative, and with moments of ultraviolence, Stateless, one of the author’s early fitz-novels, is a meditation on violence, loss and redemption.



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Girl meets boy: boy is psycho-killer. A meditation on love, desire, and violence.














The Baptist

A stranger arrives out of a storm and takes a room at a small hotel in exchange for work. But why is he there, and does his appearance have anything to do with a pattern-killer who follows the winter snow?

The Baptist is a novella about life, death and ordinary things.